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All About Clocks!

Care of Your Clock

Floor Clocks should be oiled every three years and cleaned every third oiling (nine years).  We recommend a trained and experienced clocksmith perform such maintenance.

To operate properly, a Floor Clock must be level from front to back and from side to side.

Never allow anyone but a trained individual to set-up your clock or perform any work on your clock.  If you take care of it, it will reward you with many years of beauty, accuracy and joy!

Clock Troubleshooting

Here are the Most Common Problems and Possible Remedies for troubleshooting problems that may arise with your clock:

1. Clock Strikes Wrong

Ex: Clock strikes 10 times but reads 11 o'clock.

A. Move hour hand back one hour (the hour hand moves freely). Then move minute hand forward one hour (15 minutes at a time to allow for chiming).

Ex. Clock strikes 11 times but reads only 10 o'clock.

A. Move hour hand forward one hour. Then move minute hand back one hour. Important - if clock is off more than an hour - Do Not turn minute hand backwards - instead, stop the clock until correct time catches up.

2. Clock Loses Time

Ex. Loses 5 minutes a day

A. Turn pendulum set screw 10 revolutions to the right (every 2 revolutions equals 1 minute).


3. Clock Gains Time

Ex. Gains 5 minutes a day

A. Turn pendulum set screw 10 revolutions to the left (be sure the "Bob" moves down with the set screw).

4. Clock Doesn't Chime

  • Be sure chimes are turned on
  • Check for packing.
  • Check lever - must be engaged in position.
  • Wall/Mantel clocks must be wound tightly.
  • You may not consciously hear them chime every time.
  • Be sure heaviest weight is on the right side.

5. Clock Only runs 5 minutes to 14 minutes

The clock is out of beat.

  • Get out your manual and read about verge assembly.
  • Or a service call is necessary.

6.Going on vacation - How do we stop the clock?

A. Stop the pendulum.


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