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Some more mature people are still concerned about the word "Veneer". They might have had some bad experiences with veneering several years ago because veneering used to have a tendency to delaminate or separate because of changing humidity conditions. But today, because of stronger glues and new construction methods, there is not any problem with separating or warping. Actually veneers are much stronger and more stable than solid woods and they allow the manufacturers to be much more creative. They are able to create beautiful looks and even matched grain effects that they would be unable to do otherwise, or at such a great cost that the finished product would be overly expensive. Veneering actually dates back to ancient Egypt and Rome but it was not until the 17th century that veneering begin to be practiced more extensively.

Currently, there are some photographic processes that can print or engrave a popular wood grain on rugged hardboard panels. They have the same attractive appearance of real wood veneer but are usually less expensive. Some clock companies are using this process now on the interior back side of clocks to make clocks even more attractive than before.


Do you want to know more about the clock you have? Wanting to know more about different clock manufacturers? Wanting to know the value of an old clock? Wanting to make your own clock? Wanting to get parts for your clock? Here are some good sources on the web for you to check out.

The American Society of Appraisers Here you can call 1-800-272-8258 and they will assist you in finding a qualified appraiser.

Hermle Mantel Clock

The Antique Road Show Here you can get a list of certified clock appraisers. Click on Appraisers, then click on clocks & watches.

The Clock Forum is a place to interact on a Bulletin Board. You can ask questions about all sorts of things and get answers from other people. Like what's the difference between the Hermle and Kieninger clock movements? What do you think my clocks worth?

The American Clock & Watch Museum They charge a minimal research fee but they have an excellent research library and a huge collection of clocks and watches from the 17th century to the present. They can find information on almost any American-made clock. They cannot appraise items but they will assist in identifying your clock, it's model name, production dates and other details.

The Historical Clock and Watch Web Site is in England but they have a wonderful source of information on and about clocks from all over the world. They have a Bulletin Board for Historical Inquiries and a huge Library Index where you can look up all sorts of information.

Click here to check the time in all 50 States and and U.S. Terrorities. Tell Me The Time.

Clock Kits--Are you wanting to make your own clock or need a clock movement or dial face. Check this company out in Wisconsin.

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BURLAP TO CASHMERE, a popular contemporary Christian Band came out with a song a couple of years ago entitled B.I.B.L.E. If you haven't heard the song, the abbreviation B.I.B.L.E. in the song was Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

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Earlier you were told there was a short sentence in the Bible that tells you HOW you can have eternal life. The Bible says..."Verily, Verily I say to you, he that believes in Me (Jesus) has eternal life." John 6:47 If TODAY, in this HOUR, in this MINUTE, you accepted Jesus into your life - WELCOME into the family of God. Now become involved. Check out the web site www.ALPHAcourse.org. Find a location and Church (now in over 200 countries) where you can take this short, exciting course and learn more about Jesus and the Bible. It is non-denominational and non-threatening. And also become involved... With a church. With Reading the Bible. In Prayer. In fellowship with other Christians. and In telling others about Jesus Christ.


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