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Researching the History of Your
Grandfather Clock

There are 20 Gandfather clock manufacturers that we can provide Research Information on.  They are the following, and it first says when they were in business and then, it says what years we have information about particular clock.

Company Years in Business Years of Research
Baldwin Clock Company 1985-1995 1985-1995
Bulova Grandfathers   2002-2007
Colonial Clock Company 1899-1985 1977-1985
Comitti of London 1895-Present 2002-Present
Emperor 1968-Present 1974-Present
Gazo 1974-1990 1974-1990
Hamilton 1975-1987 1975-1987
Hentschel of Canada 1890-Present 1995-1997
Heritage Heirloom 1987-1989 1987-1989
Hermle 2002-Present 2002-Present
Herschede 1877-1984 and
Howard Miller 1926-Present 1979-Present
Kieninger 1912-Present 1997 - Present
Molyneux 1900-1984 1983-1984
New England 1959-2000 1985-1995
Pearl 1975-1990 1975-1990
Ridgeway 1960-Present 1980-Present
Seth Thomas 1813-2009 1983-2009
Sligh 1968-2005 1983-2005
Trend 1937-1984 1979-1984

The information we provide will include all or most of the following:

  • Historical information about the Clock Company
  • The dates the clock was made
  • The list prices during the time the clock was made
  • Realistic dealer price range at the time
  • Catalog pictures
  • Clock movement information
  • Detail information about the clock
  • For insurance purposes, what a comparable clock would sell for today
  • Information about Grandfather Clock repairs
  • Other interesting information about Grandfather Clocks

If you see this Logo on your clocks, please view list above for dates we can research.

Balwin Clocks Bulova Grandfather Clocks Research
Colonial Clocks Comitti of London Clocks
Emperor Clocks for the Craftsman or Collector The Gazo Clocks Research
Hamilton Clocks Hentschel Clocks
Heritage Clocks Hermle Clocks
Herschede Clocks Howard Miller Clock Research by Will Rogers Clocks
Kieninger Clocks Molyneux Clocks
New England Clocks Pearl Clocks
Ridgeway Clocks Seth Thomas Grandfather Clocks
Sligh Grandfather Clocks Trend Clocks





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