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Did You Know?

Clock collecting has been growing in the last 20 yeas and the number of serious collectors has increased.  Prices for clocks are relatively modest though when compared to Works of Art or Bronzes.  When buying a painting or bronze, what you see is what you get.  However with a clock, not only are your getting a beautiful piece to look at, but also a wondrous mechanical masterpiece with rhythmic motion and sounds that are soothing to the ear.  And then of course you get a functioning timepiece that tells you the time of day.

Much of the value of a clock stems from the appearance, the time period, the maker, the number made, and the condition. As with any collection, always buy the best you can afford.  If you will pardon the pun - 'Collecting clocks is a timeless hobby'.


Sinclair Harding Fine Clocks honours the historical tradition of fine English clockmaking. With its range of beautiful hand crafted clocks, this unique company embraces the horological industry’s ideals for precision, quality and perfection.

Exquisite Sinclair Harding Clock - H1

Nearly 5 years in the making the Sinclair Harding H1 is a wonderful combination of art and fascinating mechanics, all finished to an exquisite standard.

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Ridgeway Clocks

Ridgeway Clocks provides the oldest continuously produced grandfather clock in the United States.

Special Edition
Bicentennial Clock-1976

In honor of American's 200th Anniversary of Independence in 1976, Ridgeway Clock Company in Ridgeway, Virginia designed a Special Edition Clock.  Only 1000 of these special designed clocks were made.

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We have just acquired information about a Brand New
1976 Bicentennial Clock that is for sale. It was
purchased in 1976, BUT it has never been taken out of
the Original Shipping carton. It is #576 of 1000 made. For
more information about this clock, contact us at info@clocksnmore.com.
It is identical to the clock pictured except this will still
have the original chrome chains.



Sinclair Harding Sun and Moon Clock

Sun and Moon
Mantel Clock
Sinclair Harding
of London

Still made in the historical tradition of fine English clock making that reflects the horological industry's ideals for precision, quality and perfection. Very Limited production with each dial being hand painted and each one different and numbered and signed

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