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Pedestal Cross Clock

Church Clock
Lighthouse Clock
c343silr_2381.jpg c401silr_2651.jpg c686r_2501.jpg
Key Clock with Engraved Stand
House Clock
Tools Desk Clock
c209ttr_3001.jpg c286silr_2711.jpg c623r_2711.jpg
Fishing Boat Clock
Motorcycle Clock
Crystal Bible Clock
ck264ar_3001.jpg ck289r_3001.jpg d033r_2711.jpg
Watch Fob in Metal Gift Box
Cell Phone, Pocket Watch, Key Ring in Metal Gift Box
4 in 1 - 16 ft Measuring Tape, Light,
Calculator, Memo Pad
3014silr_3001.jpg 8070r1.jpg tm802r_3001.jpg
Steering Wheel Desk Clock
Silver Pick-up Truck
Silver Motorcycle Clock
1101-70 Steering Wheel Desk Clock 848- Silver Pick-Up Truck C263SIL - silver motorcycle clock
Silver Electric Guitar
Silver Violin Clock
Nurse Tray Clock
C253SIL - Silver Electric Guitar Ck234- Violin Clock CK290 - Nurse Tray Clock
Silver Police Gear Clock
Silver Doctor's Clock
Silver Mini Drum Clock
CK350 - Silver Police Gear Clock CK481 - Silver Doctor's Clock N47SIL - Silver Mini Drum Clock
Orange Flame Motorcycle
Fancy Piano Clock
ST1324 - TPBK - Orange Flame Motorcycle CK265A - Fancy Piano Clock

Generally, Miniature clocks are 5 inches and under in height or width.
 Sizes will vary by shape of clock.

Please E-mail us the item number
of any clock for pricing.
or call us at

We take all major credit cards.  Paypal is used on-line.
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